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Outsource Word Processing Services


We provide at Lalinart And Computer - high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective word processing or word formatting services.
Our skilled teams work closely with you and your organisation to record, edit, store documents by utilizing applications such as Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro and Corel WordPerfect. Also, we help our clients to revise, improve and update business letters, memos, index cards, white papers, newsletters, questionnaires, reports, manuals, booklets, statistical tables and forms.
Lalinart And Computer can convert your pdf files, tiff files, jpg files or paper documents into word file format so that you can get an editable version of data.

Our wide-ranging word processing services are useful for:

  • Authors, Writers, Students
  • Schools, Colleges
  • Journalists, Reporters
  • Educators, Health care professionals
  • Self employed
  • Entrepreneurs, Businesses
We use latest software, tools and word processing functions such as Lotus Word, Corel WordPerfect, and Microsoft Word to store, edit, record and amend letters, questionnaires, reports, manuscripts, memos, index cards, manuals, statistical forms and tables.

Word processing services can include any of the following tasks, and many others:

  • Document conversion
  • Header and footer setting including page numbers
  • Index preparation
  • Mail merge
  • Text formatting and adjusting
  • Typing/transcribing
  • Scanning – OCR or OMR
  • Setting up bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Online word processing (build applications that run in Internet Explorer)
  • Conversion of PDF to word
  • Typing from PDF to word
  • Typing from JPEG to word
  • Typing from Tiff to word
  • Typing from manuscript
  • Typing from Hand written document
  • Typing from PDF, JPEG, TIFF to Excel
  • Word Processing Services from books
  • Word Processing Services from documents and any printed material
  • Create document templates with or without fields
  • Scanning – OCR or OMR
  • Conversion
  • Transcription
  • Categorization
  • Organization
  • Data extraction
  • Data cleansing
  • Create and format reports
  • Categorization
  • Data mining and data extraction
  • Database input/management
  • Data cleansing

We can process, convert and store content in many formats, including the following:

  • Microsoft Word
  • SharePoint
  • Lotus Word Pro
  • Corel Word Perfect
  • .PDF
  • Flash
  • PowerPoint
  • Blog Software and solutions
  • Content Management Solutions
We would be always delighted to get an opportunity to offer you any of our above services. Our main aim is client satisfaction which we gain by delivering best quality, accurate and cost saving services. Depending upon the volume of work and expected Turn Around Time, we arrange and allocate resources on the project.
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If you are interested in finding out more about Lalinart And Computer image processing and word processing or other data processing services, please contact us today.



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