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Data Capture and Extraction Services


The Lalinart And Computer team has more than eight years of experience, and we can address your immediate project needs or provide ongoing back office support services. We are one of the fastest growing service providers in this competitive market. Our data capture and data extraction services are part of our robust suite of data processing services. These services are flexible, affordable and designed to meet every client and project need.

Outsourceing Data capture Services :

Outsourceing Data capture projects can involve all types of data, presented in different forms and formats. No matter the scope of your data capture project, we can handle all types of tasks from manual data entry to data capture from documents or scans using optical character recognition (OCR). We can also capture and process images, engineering drawings and blueprints, graphics and other drawings, maps, grids and other information. Your information may be stored in a data base, on microfilm or in storage boxes. We will analyze your project and support requirements and provide a unique solution to satisfy even the most complex, disparate data capture and data processing business needs.

Outsourceing Data extraction Services :

Outsourceing Data extraction projects can be challenging. Every organization has critical data hidden in corners of the company, sometimes spread across continents, countries, states and divisions. Getting to this data is the first challenge. Once the raw data is gathered, the real work begins. If the organization wants to use this information to produce reports, make competitive or product decisions, or make intelligent business decisions, it must first extract the relevant data from source documents, web sites, business reports, product specifications, plan documents and a myriad of other sources.
Lalinart And Computer provides flexible, proven data extraction processes, designed to accommodate every data extraction project, regardless of type of data, source data format or project requirements for data sorting, or data integration.

We provide following online data extraction outsourcing services:

  • Extract consumer, competitor and market data from various websites
  • Extract meta-data information from websites
  • Search for online news websites for the latest information
  • Gather, collate and summarize news from various news and PR sources online
  • Compiling a list of companies, including websites, emails & contact information
  • Extract data from consumer websites, blogs and forums
  • Get updated information about competitors’ products, their pricing
  • PDF Data Extraction
  • Web Data Extraction
  • Database Extraction
  • Metadata Extraction
We are dedicated to quality and to providing affordable, flexible, and dependable data processing services to meet every back office and administrative requirement.  Our processes are designed to achieve 100% accuracy, and to deliver every project on time and within the budget parameters of the project.
Our dedicated data processing services enable your organization to focus on other activities and perform critical path tasks, while our professional team completes important back office tasks to help the client organization achieve its goals. Our India-based location allows us to provide affordable, cost-effective support and services across all time zones. We are working, even when your team is away from the office!  
The Lalinart And Computer team is experienced and skilled, and we have successfully completed and delivered hundreds of data processing projects. Our training and quality standards ensure efficiency and reliability of data and proven, quality services and support.
If your organization requires integrated back office administrative services, we can combine our numerous back office administrative services to provide a unique solution for your business. These services include a variety of data processing services, data entry services, accounting and bookkeeping services, internet and web research, forms processing, scanning and indexing and data conversion services.
If you are interested in finding out more about Lalinart And Computer data capture, data extraction and data processing services, please contact us today.



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