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Outsource Image Processing Services

The Lalinart And Computer team has more than eight years of experience. We can address your immediate image processing or word processing project needs or provide ongoing back office support services for your team. Our data processing services are flexible, affordable and designed to meet every client and project need. This gives the companies access to specialized skills. At the same time, it frees precious resources, which can be diverted towards more value creating tasks.

Our operations team work 24/7 to give to the desired result. Our service helps you in managing, optimizing as well as enhancing the images of your product. The professionals and staff members of Lalinart And Computer gives assistance to all possible companies no matter it are small or big. Our team stays in touch with the current technology and software for data conversion. We handle voluminous work that requires fast gyrates and excellent quality deliverables with equal ease. 

Image Processing services can include any of the following tasks, and many others:

  • Image enhancement and retouching
  • Background editing
  • Masking and Composing
  • Color correction
  • File type conversion
  • Stock photo services
  • Image selection and filtering
  • Image cropping
  • Scanning
  • Merging and overlay of images
  • Image manipulation
  • Image editing
  • Retouching
  • Sharpening and contrast
  • Color balancing
  • Restoration
  • Resizing
  • Adding watermarks or logos
  • Improving resolution or compressing images

We can enter, convert and store images in many formats, including the following:

  • .JPG
  • .GIF
  • .BMP
  • .PDF
  • .CAD
  • Photographs
  • Flash Presentations
  • PowerPoint Presentations

We convert the images to below mentioned formats:

  • Image to text .PDF
  • Image to word or Image to .Doc (Word)
  • Image to .XML
  • Image to Text / .Txt
  • Image to Database or Image to .XLS (Excel) / .CSV
We have a proven and tested customized process that helps us provide quality work in the best possible turnaround time. We convert images to any find of format conversion - and that too, with no loss of data and complete accuracy. A character to character checking is run with OCR method or sometimes double keying method depending on the quality of the input source. 
Formats like .JPG or .JPEG, .TIFF or .TIF, .GIF, .BMP or .BITMAP and many other are supported by Lalinart And Computer. 

Why to outsource your project to us?

We have strict security measures to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of our customers.
We have the flexibility; you can communicate with us through any kind of channel.
We have highly skilled and experienced technicians and professionals to carry out your work. They handle the work of converting image to any format with brilliant ease.
We have the flexibility with all types of data transfer methods.
We have highly developed and customized tools and software to provide quality work in the best possible turnaround time. We have the ability to run voluminous work in no time while maintain the quality and secrecy of the project.
We have the software to accept all kinds of input image format and then convert it into the required format.
We offer competitive rates in this business.

How do we process images? 

In the first place, send us all your image processing work in any desired format conversion requirement. Provide total instruction with some samples also. After analyzing your complete project along with its requirement, we will define the best productive cycle for the project. After that, we will conduct a trail run for your project to get your feedback. We then sit for rate finalization and SLA execution keeping in view the approved sample work. Our auditing team conducts audit on the final output and after the final quality check is run, the product is dispatched. 
If you are interested in finding out more about Lalinart And Computer image processing and word processing or other data processing services, please contact us today.


  • Excellent work by Lalin and his team. We provided them with a list of link prospects, and they worked thru them. Will certainly use Lalin art and computer again.right

    Mr. Patrics

  • Considering the difficulty level of the sample that I sent, I would say that the project was very well done. Also, the turnaround time on that job was outstandingright

    Mr. Richard Sen

  • This provider was very professional with great customer service. They truly cared about getting the job done properly and within specification and they met all.right

    Mr. Martin Bress

  • Oh man ! your team has done fantastic job especially when I sent the complex sample to you and you mange and handle this projects so well. Go ahead my best luck with youright

    Fabbie Brown

  • Excellent work done by you and I have one more projects ready for you hope you will be serve the same services as you previously providright

    Greg young

  • I want to thank you for the many years of EXCELLENT service that you have provided us. You were always very responsive and helpful. For that, I am grateful!right

    Mr. Carl Savino

  • Our company feels happy to work with you. We are fully satisfied with your data entry services that is continually meet our changing needs. I must recommend your services and dedication towards our works. Thanksright

    Billy Jane

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